Christian Book Services is a company that helps prospective authors and small publishing companies get their books in to the Christian market. We specialize in books with Christian content but can work with secular books as long as their content is consistent with a Christian worldview. We work with our clients on a consultative basis to craft their product. Once the product is completed, we guide them through the multitude of ways to become published-- a large publisher, a niche publisher, custom publishing or true self-publishing. If our client chooses to self-publish, we help them find editors, proofreaders, typesetters, illustrators, cover designers and printers. If they don't go through an established publisher, we help them get their books in to the sales channels. Through this whole process, we help our clients become published authors, while saving them time and money.

Christian Book Services is headed up by Larry Carpenter. With over 23 years of experience in the publishing industry, Larry brings a wealth of experience to bear for his clients. But what really helps our clients isn’t just that Larry has been in the industry, it’s what he has done in the industry. First, Larry is one of the few people who have worked in all aspects of book publishing, having worked for a publisher, a wholesale distributor and a full-service distributor. Starting out in sales and marketing and eventually heading up two major companies, Larry knows all parts of the publishing industry well. Through Christian Book Services, he can make that experience work for you!

Also assisting our clients is our Production Manager, Jeff Carpenter. After attending Western Kentucky University, Jeff transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta to get his degree in Culinary Arts. He has worked as a sous chef at the Hermitage Hotel, Tennessee’s only five star hotel. He was also one of two sous chefs at the Schemerhorn Center, the home of the Nashville Symphony.

In 2011, he joined his father’s company to help our clients produce beautiful books. 

The most recent addition to Christian Book Services is Craig Carpenter who will be our Production Coordinator. Craig attended the University of Tennessee and received his Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice and also minored in Business Accounting. He continued his education there and earned his Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Every summer, for 12 years, Craig spent his time teaching Boy Scouts at Boxwell Scout Reservation.

In 2013, he joined his older brother and father to help out in as many ways as he can.
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